"Flowers...are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out-values all the utilities of the world."  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Judy Bloom's Home Gardening Adventures - SuperTea Mix

My veggie garden needs a vita-boost!

I recently added a new nutrient to my garden "regime" and will keep you posted on results! I am very excited!

It is an interesting blend called "SuperTea Mix" by the Guano Company. It is a high quality fertilizing tea made of a mixture of 100% organic compounds including bat guano, seabird guano, earthworm castings, seaweeds and natural composts. Seaweed has been shown to be high in carbohydrates as well as almost every basic building blocks necessary for plant growth. Bat guano and earthworm castings are also proven to benefit plants naturally with their own organic cellulat components.

SuperTea Mix can be purchased online or at your local gardening center. Online vendors include:


And of course...

Approx. $20 per 2 lb. dry bag; Also available in liquid nutrient as well.

Happy Gardening!

Best Wishes,
Miss Judy Bloom

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free Gardening Workshop - July 22nd & August 4th

Stop by & get your garden on!

Free classes will be hosted in White Salmon this July 22nd with a follow-up lecture on August 4th.

This series of eco-friendly and inspirational workshops are being offered by Underwood Conservation District, Klickitat County Solid Waste and Columbia Gorge Garlic. On July 22nd, a class will be offered following their series "Better Soil, Better Gardens.". This workshop will feature guest speaker, Ian Glasser, of Columbia Gorge Garlic.

August 4th will follow-up with a demo. about compost biolog and choosing your composting system. This class will be led by John Longfellow of the Klickitat County Solid Waste Dept.

For more info. on this series, please call Emma Bishop at 509-493-1936.

Don't forget to mark it on your calendar!
July 22nd @ the Whitson Elementary, 7-8:30pm;
August 4th @ the White Salmon Library, 7-8:30pm

Best Wishes,
Miss Judy Bloom

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flowers Brighten Up Real Estate Market

Adding flowers adds an instant invite into your home!

Flowers are proven to bring a smile and reduce stress as well. What could be better for both you and your potential home buyer?

Adding fresh plants, flowers or succulents also follows the current green/eco-friendly trend, welcoming a bit of nature into your house. This easy and affordable accent is sure to get you noticed!

Potential home-buyers also appreciate the feel of a home that is "move-in ready", so adding the accent of fresh blooms can help welcome buyers to their new home.

Choose hardy flowers that will help stretch your money and last for 2 weeks+! A fresh vase of sunflowers, chrysanthemum, carnations or alstromeria are all varieties that will make great long-lasting picks. Impress with the exotic simplicity of several stems of orchids in a glass bud vase. Accent with river rocks or jewels in the base to up your new decor another notch!

Best Wishes,
Miss Judy Bloom

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Planning ~ Out-of-Towners

Welcome your out-of-town guests with a fresh vase of flowers waiting in their hotel room! Send a special "Thank You" and kick off the start to your wedding day celebration!

A fragrant vase of yellow roses is a traditional sign of friendship...or opt for fresh blooms in your wedding colors! Ask Judy Bloom for additional gift baskets available as well as local and organic options!

Judy Bloom is happy to help add a special, personalized touch to your special day! For the beginning to a lifelong romance - contact Judy Bloom to start planning your bridal flowers today!

Best Wishes,
Miss Judy Bloom


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Trend - Consult the Stars

No doubt that many people like to look towards the stars or astrology when looking for love.

Today, many brides are consulting the stars when it comes to bridal flowers as well. A popular trend today pairs astrology signs with the appropriate floral choices.

Examples include the astrologic sign, taurus, which is appeased by the fresh blossoms of poppy, rose and foxglove.

To see which flowers fit your sign best for visit http://horoscopes.aol.com/astrology/flowers-aries-taurus-gemini-cancer-leo

Consider choosing fresh flowers for your wedding that compliment both you and your sweetie’s signs!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Blooms On A Budget - Celebrate the Season!

Don’t forget! An easy “Blooms on a Budget” tip is to choose flowers that you know will be in season during your wedding. Not only is this money-saving but eco-friendly as well! When flowers have to be shipped, this causes unnecessary and excess waste to be created through both packaging and distribution as well.

Judy Bloom is making an eco-friendly effort to work with local farmers and provide you with an easy, updated list of available florals, as well as a great opportunity to benefit from our relationships with a variety of local and organic farmers in the portland oregon area. Ask your personal Judy Bloom designer which flowers will be best for your wedding season! We are happy to help and available by phone or email! Personal consultations are available free for every bridal client, offering a time to browse floral availability and creative options.

Is your wedding in the winter season? Have no fear - Judy Bloom is here to help! With local and organic options, grown in greenhouses during winter, as well as other sustainable and eco-friendly winter options.
Call 971-344-2562 to speak with a friendly florist today or simply email to set up a free consultation with your personal design consultant!

Best Wishes,
Miss Judy Bloom